How to Style your Home in 2018

Ready to refresh your digs?  Interior design that’s in style is a moving target because trends come and go.  Sure, the bottom line is what makes you happy.  But if you’re interested to keep your home style relevant, it’s critical to recognize what trends have definitely run their course.  Take a moment and consider avoiding the following five components when updating your house.

Granite Countertops

For the longest time, folks just couldn’t get enough of this natural stone.  Even entry-level homebuyers yearned for granite on the beloved House Hunters series!  But today, there is a plethora of other solid surface finishes to choose from.  So why go with the “same old, same old”?  Think soapstone, concrete or quartz for your new direction.  In fact, there are many recycled options to choose from, as well.

Tuscan Kitchens

Old-world European kitchens.  Pot-fillers, dark beams and hanging copper pots….oh, my!  This is another style that has fallen by the wayside.  Not everyone wants a trattoria feel.  In fact, skip incorporating a specific themed design.  Clean, bright and open are the desired hallmarks of today’s modern kitchen.  (Kinda Scandinavian, if you need to put a heritage label on it.)

Pastel Walls

White will always be timeless but color trends come and go.  And heavily saturated hues are what’s in now.  Navy, emerald, or other jewel tones will bring your abode up to date.  Skip the timid blush hues of yesterday and let your walls pop with color!

Forest and Farm Animal Decor

It’s time to put the deer, the owls and the horses to rest.  The barnyard wants it’s cows, roosters and ducks back, too!  Today, the exotics are hot.  Tigers, cheetahs and leopards rule.  Even the lone wolf has top ranking.

Bedroom Dust Ruffles

And lastly, give the master bedroom a makeover by ditching the ruffled bedskirt.  Sleek and clean is the way to go.  If you find this look too stark, at least consider a solid, tailored version.  Anything with lace, frills or roses will evoke images of Grandma…and that’s probably not what you’re going for, right?

These 5 trends are just the tip of the iceberg for what needs to stay in the past.  Wondering what other decorating schemes have reached the end of their life?  You can always rely on HGTV for what’s hot and what’s not.  Have you cut the cable cord?  Then use this for your decorating mantra:  clean, bright, natural and simple.  Those four elements never go out of style.