Javelina trail signWith all of this talk about finding a home, pets need homes too.  If you’re new to the Valley of the Sun and are unsure of where to find your next pet, or just interested in finding a new furry family member to live in your home, there are a few places you may want to check out.  First, one of the largest sources of adoptable animals here in the Valley of the Sun can be found at one of the two locations operated by Maricopa County Animal Care & Control.  All adoptable animals will be spayed/neutered before being eligible for adoption, and will also receive a rabies vaccination and dog license tag as part of their adoption fee (cats are exempt from both in Maricopa County).   The cost to adopt dogs and cats is among the lowest in the Valley, and ranges from $0 (for cats who have been at the facility for 30 days or more) to $100 (for dogs under 6 months old).

If you find the county animal shelters to be too overwhelming, consider checking out one of the local Arizona Humane Society six adoption locations.  Their website also has an easy to search list of adoptable animals, complete with photos and details about each animal.  Arizona Humane Society features dogs, cats and various other pets such as rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs.  They also utilize a variable adoption pricing structure, which helps to finance medical care or other services needed by other animals in their care.

If you’re looking for a more specific type of pet, such as a small dog, then Arizona Small Dog Rescue may be for you.   While specializing in the adoption of small breed dogs, this organization also hosts some cats and a few larger breed canines.  This non-profit, no-kill shelter rescues most of its animals from kill shelters around the Valley, but also accepts strays and owner surrendered animals.  This rescue organization spays and neuters, vaccinates, microchips and evaluates and socializes all of its animals before making them available for adoption.  Arizona Small Dog Rescue permits you to bring in your current animal to visit with potential adoptees, to see if they get along.

Finally, consider visiting a website such as Petfinder.com which compiles an extensive list including photographs and pertinent details of the many animals available for adoption here in the Valley of the Sun.  The search parameters will let you narrow down by size, breed, age and desired characteristics, which will make your search more focused.  Whichever route you choose, your new family member will absolutely be worth the wait and the effort!

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