modern bathroom photoAlthough many people consider the kitchen the most important room of any home, there’s no need to overlook your bathroom, either! Whether you’re looking for a new home or just want to improve on the one you already have, there are some excellent design trends that have become popular in recent years in bathrooms across the country. Keep a close eye on these, because they’re sure to shape what becomes popular in bathroom design in the future, as well. Check out this list of our favorite bathroom design trends to help you figure out what you want most in your new bathroom.

Vertical Storage:  Extra storage in the bathroom is always a plus, but in most bathrooms, there’s not a lot of room to expand horizontally. Utilize all available vertical space by building up tall cabinets on either side of the sink. If you can’t do anything about cabinet construction, you can always bring in an antique-style armoire or even an industrial metal shelf to help you store your bathroom extras in a style that matches your décor perfectly.

No-Threshold Showers:  No-threshold showers have become incredibly popular in recent years. These shows are stylish and elegant, and depending on the bathroom, they may feature all-glass doors or no doors at all. This is also a practical design choice if you have any older members of your family who may have trouble stepping into or out of a traditional shower.

Floating Vanities:  Unless you’re trying to create an old-fashioned farmhouse style bathroom, a floating vanity is often the way to go. These beautiful pieces of décor can look very striking in the right bathroom setting, and they can usually be designed as small or as large as you like to make the right type of statement for your space. A modern bathroom with a floating vanity is sure to impress!

Music and TV:  The most upscale of current bathrooms include, at the very least, a way to play music while you’re showering, bathing, and getting ready to start your day. Many showerheads have built-in music players now, while other built-in speakers throughout the bathroom are gaining popularity as well. Some bathrooms, especially those that are larger, may also want to install a small TV in a water-safe location to add even more modern refinement to the space.

Heated Flooring:  Heated flooring in bathrooms has been around for a while now, but it just keeps getting more and more popular as it becomes more affordable and accessible to all bathroom remodeling budgets. These types of floors can run either from your home’s electrical system or may operate from a separate power source. Depending on the amount of money you have to spend on your bathroom remodel, you may want to choose one of these options over the other. Either way, a comfortable and warm floor is always nice to step out on after a shower or bath on a cold day!

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