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Things You Should Know Before Moving to Arizona

The state that boasts the presence of one of America’s most amazing natural wonders, the Grand Canyon, has a lot more to offer you if you are considering moving there. Arizona’s landscapes boast desert and mountain vistas, and its metropolitan areas offer such populous cities as Phoenix and Tucson. There’s also a wide variety of small towns that promise history and charm to their visitors. Why move to Arizona? There are many reasons. 

What Is Arizona Like?

Arizona was once known for its mining, particularly copper. Mining continues to be important to the state today. Arizona leads the country in the production of copper. 

Another facet of the answer to what Arizona is like is its heat. Summer is the off-season in Arizona; it is the cheapest time to move within the state lines. This is due to the fact that few people want to pack and move when the temperature outside has reached 100 degrees Fahrenheit or more. A temperature of 120 degrees is not unheard of in the summer months. When you live in Arizona, hydration is especially vital during this season, as is sun protection.[1]

There are many things to know before moving to Arizona. Arizona features elements such as excellent public transport, good jobs in both urban and rural areas, and a relatively low cost of living. You will not find large insect problems in Arizona; that fact and the wide-open spaces with predictable weather in the desert provide a great place for open-air festivals. The urban centers also feature museums, theaters, and operas. The food scene is widely varied in Arizona, with everything from Thai to Moroccan food. Clubs and bars also thrive, as do large shopping malls.

Empty Scenic Highway in Monument Valley, Arizona, USA

Why Move to Arizona?

First of all, the state is gorgeous. The desert sunrises and sunsets are glorious to behold. The night sky offers an amazing view of the stars. This is why Arizona hosts more than two dozen observatories, a variety of which are publicly accessible. Outdoor activities proliferate the state, from hiking to white water rafting. Visit history in the form of Wild West towns like Tombstone, home to Wyatt Earp. Try playing in Flagstaff’s snow in the spring and autumn, followed by a couple of hours’ travel to swim outdoors in Phoenix. The variety of things to do in Arizona is endless.

When you’re considering moving to Arizona, consider the strong job market and reasonable cost of Arizonan living. Excluding housing costs, a four-person family requires about $2,700 a month to live in Phoenix. For a person on their own, that cost is roughly $800. For jobs, Phoenix offers one of America’s largest emergent industrial markets. Both blue-collar and tourism jobs are often available. Other job openings tend to extend to tech and defense companies, healthcare, aerospace sectors, and manufacturing. The average Phoenix worker earns an annual total of more than $50,000. Combined with a cost of living that averages 5% less than the rest of the country, the economy is a great answer to why move to Arizona.[2]

Relocating to Arizona

As with moving to any new area, when relocating to Arizona, you will need to obtain housing and work and find some recreational opportunities as well as practical locations such as places to shop for groceries and other necessities. We can help with the housing aspect. A quick internet search will help you find local entertainment and restaurants for whichever part of Arizona you choose to settle in.

A Basic Sketch of Arizona Life

Arizona life generally requires a car to get around, although public transportation is thriving in several parts of the state. 

Jobs exist in a range of sectors. You may pick up a blue-collar or white-collar job, a role in the tourist industry, or participate in the copper production for which the state is famous. Opportunities for outdoor recreation abound, and there is no shortage of ways to amuse yourself if you prefer the indoors: golfers, baseball fans, and hikers in particular love Arizona. Your average time in Arizona may also include taking in an affordable baseball game, getting in some golfing, and going hiking through canyons and mountains.

Things to know before moving to Arizona include a few dangers. Stay safe by following local conventional wisdom. Normal life also involves being aware of safety precautions pertaining to heat and dehydration. Caution is also called for in monsoon flash floods and dry season dust storms. While driving, pull over and wait out dust storms. Do not try to maneuver through flooded areas of roads. Safety awareness is vital to desert living.

Sunset in the Sonoran Desert Near Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Cost of Living

Housing can be a little expensive in Arizona, but the state is below the nation’s average for health care and grocery bills. This low cost of living is also known to be steady.[3] When combined with thriving job markets, this feature of living in Arizona draws new residents eager to take advantage of the strong economy. 

The Landscape of Arizona: Urban and Wild

Arizona has thriving cities and amazing natural vistas. The sixth-largest state in the U.S. with its 7.17 million residents, Arizona is also multicultural.[5] More than a quarter of those dwellers speak languages beyond English. The most common of these are Spanish, Navajo, Mandarin, and Cantonese. The Four Corner neighbors of Arizona are its closest neighbors: Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. Arizona has long been popular with tourists who want to try out a Wild West experience at dude ranches. 

You probably know Arizona for deserts, mountain ranges, deep canyons, spruce trees, and ski resorts. Its nearly two dozen national monuments and parks, in addition to the nearly three dozen state parks and natural spaces, draw both locals and tourists. In addition, the Grand Canyon is an immense draw. It is a mile in-depth, 18 miles wide, and 277 miles long. Its park does not encompass the whole canyon but does measure nearly 2,000 square miles.[4]

What Arizona fact surprised you most? Now we would love to hear from you. Here at Peggy Young, Real Estate and Relocation Expert, we are ready and able to assist you with your move to this amazing state. Check out our featured properties, take advantage of our resources for buyers and sellers, and use our checklist for moving, a guide to preparing your home, and various blog articles. Contact us today by sending us a message at the bottom of our website.

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